Jaime Peña Martínez

About me

A lover of good music, food, nature, beautiful rocks, sticks and peculiar cloud formations.

Amsterdam based spanish clarinetist Jaime Peña Martínez is developing a varied musical activity in the Netherlands and abroad.

From playing in some of the most iconic halls in the low-lands with groups like the Dutch Wind Ensemble (NBE) to creating small scale interdisciplinary collaborations. 

From playing avant-garde contemporary music in platforms such as the Lucerne Festival and Festival du Aix to enjoying some laid back playing in stages like “Down the rabbit hole”.

Aside from his activities as a performer, Jaime sees composition as a crucial cornerstone of his activities, writting in recent times a big amount of pieces involving clarinet and electronic music in varied settings.

When in his home country, Spain, you will find him running in the mountains of “Sierra de Guadarrama” in company of his dogs.